drop-in Thursday  

Mindfulness Meditation Session – 30 Minute
13:00-13:30h, every Thursday 

drop-in, recharge & reconnect with yourself
30 minutes of calm, no time-pressure, enough space
Trainer-Guided Mindfulness Meditation Session

Drop-in Thursday is a 30 minutes pause at noon when you are invited to „DISCONNECT“ from the fast pace of the city, from your office, from your mobile device or from your „restless thoughts“ and… to CONNECT with your innerself: with the peace of mind, with the calm breathing, with your body…with YOU. Drop-in Thursday is a great opportunity to squeeze in a meditation during your lunch break, when you are in need of stillness, after shopping, on your  way to the office or home. Whether you are new to meditation or have an existing practice, this class is the perfect dose of quiet. Get calmness of mind and clarity for the rest of the day and not only. Immerse into a healthy stillness. 


STILLE First – 10 Euro
STILLE Once – 15 Euro
STILLE 5Pass – 60 Euro
STILLE 10Pass – 100 Euro

The prices include a fine tea or a refreshing drink.  
Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the session start. Come as you are! No experience, nor special clothing is necessary.
For questions, do not hesitate to email or call us at +43 0 664 766 7070 / Nicoleta Pfeffer-Barbela MSc,  Certified Meditation Trainer

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NEW***  We also come to YOUR OFFICE. Check our offer HERE.
Need a special present? GIFT a Mindfulness Session. Here is our VOUCHER. Flexible amounts on request.