Individual Mindfulness Program

RE-BALANCE and RE-CONNECT FOR EXCELLENCE & WELL-BEING. The world needs individuals to act and lead in a manner that is authentic to them and honors their unique qualities, capabilities and innate talents.
According to neuroscience, multi-tasking is not possible. As leaders, family members, team players – we will be able to play some of our roles better, some less good and some we choose to even skip along the day or the road.
The drive to do more in the complexity of each role is impacting our families, our work and our health. Where does the balance come from?


RE-BALANCE Program helps you establish your personal mindfulness and meditation practice – so that you can reconnect with yourself. The program consists of four sessions, each personalized with passion for your needs.

  1. Self-Awareness. Becoming aware of what is going on in your mind & thoughts world so that you can consciously align this with your unique values, passions and innate strengths. Set up the mindfulness practice. Session 1.
  2. Mindset. Start to make the necessary mind shifts to overcome the old patterns of thought.  Learn about the principles of mindfulness based in neuroscience. Conscious answers vs. Automatic reactions. Session 2.
  3. Compassion & Gratitude. Accept the fact that you cannot change or fix everything. Mindfulness teaches us we cannot change the world but we have the freedom to use compassion & gratitude and care for ourselves. Session 3.
  4. Letting go & letting come is a very important skill to learn: letting go of old patterns of thought, trusting what comes… Thoughts are just thoughts. Making sure your toolbox to go is complete. Session 4.

“RE-BALANCE Program” is a four weeks setting that helps with discovering your own potential to be well and to overcome challenges by finding your peace, calm, love and equanimity oasis within. Only by tapping beyond our mind & thoughts are we able to cultivate long-term well-being.


citySTILLE’s Re-Balance Program provided an accessible and effective introduction to mindfulness practice. The pace was perfect for me and the background reading relevant and well-judged. I enjoyed working with Nicoleta and found her guidance insightful and the personal chemistry good.” Stuart M.


Four Individual Training Sessions/ 60 minutes*  / 4 Weeks Program**
108 Euro, incl. 20 % VAT **/ per Session, inclusive scripts, handouts and other relevant materials.

*  Due to different needs and focus ability in meditation –  an extra time will be allocated per session at NO extra cost if necessary.
**The appointments will be set once per week, at flexible timeframes.

SCHEDULE a FREE 30 minutes Info Session and learn all about the program.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”  – Victor Frankl 

Nicoleta Pfeffer-Barbela, MSc    
Certified Meditation Trainer,  Mindfulness Speaker 
Email or call Nicoleta   +43 664 766 70 70