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 Living in a big city  

Living in a big city nowadays can be quite challenging as this large settlements seem to emphasize most the Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity of the world we live in. These unpredictable external conditions are affecting our life standard and work performance. 

Politics, trade, commerce and other economic intercourses across geographic and political boundaries are unpredictable. Social and cultural developments are complexed and the mantra of the future seems to be „constant and fast CHANGE“. 

Mindfulness & Stillness Creates Space

Our mind, heart and body are most important resources.  When we meditate and practice mindfulness we stop living a life on automatic and start being sensitive to our every day experiences with an open heart, balance, compassion, equanimity and without judgment.

Cultivating this awareness has the capacity to clear away the information and emotion overload that contributes to our stress. We create space in our mind and in our day by “breathing” in the present moment, trusting the way it is going to unfold. Not how we expected, thought or imagined it will be, but simply how it is NOW. 

A clear and calm mind has a far greater potential for new ideas, for better decisions, for better focus, more creativity and for transforming the present moment into a happy one. We are rewiring our brain with each new experience and the way we respond to it.

„Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in a way that creates space for insight.“ S. Salzberg


At citySTILLE – Mindfulness Center Vienna we believe that by cultivating a mindful presence YOU can change your world. We take in so much information every day that our nervous system needs time to rest, digest, integrate and balance. Every moment that we sit in silence is medicine for our nervous system.

World Health Organization has called stress the “health epidemic of the 21st century” but,  stress researchers and neuroscientists evidenced that mindfulness  and meditation improves overall well-being, focus, concentration, creativity and happiness levels.

„ In an age of a fast-paced life within the city landscape nothing is more important or nurturing than sitting still and being consciously aware of that deep, sacred and healing stillness within.  In that stillness, we are warmheartedly connected with ourselves, with each other and the entire universe.“ Nicoleta Pfeffer-Barbela, Meditation Trainer and Founder of citySTILLE – Mindfulness Center Vienna.

Start your mindful journey with one of our offerings  at citySTILLE – an oasis where you can start cultivating your innate cappacity of mind to be present.


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