Meditation and Stillness SPACES

Our busy lives make it increasingly difficult to find stillness and peace of mind. When deciding that meditation is the right way for you to rebalance and reconnect, then we help you create a space for this new best friend. Especially at the beginning of the practice, when you need to settle it into your routine, this „recharging place“ at work or at home is helping you to stick to the practice. We come to you!  WORKPLACE OFFERING

For an increased sense of well-being, we are thrilled to assist you with having your own, personalised STILLNESS SPACE, at work or at home.  CONTACT US


citySTILLE’s first ReBALANCE & STILLNESS SPACE was created amongst a busy and central Vienna urban landscape. It is surrounded by office buildings, where the daily commitments of work and life intersect. The location has become an oasis of calm and bliss where you can step out from the city haze into a nature inspired expression of stillness, serenity and texture. The materials used are naturally cancelling noise and regulating the room acoustic. To enhance an experience of calm, a stillness space is a blend of clear, minimalistic and nature-rich energy and colour. A ReBALANCE SPACE addresses all our five senses so that the result is one of an instant separation from the outside and a calmness journey within.

Mindfulness and Heartfulness for a soul’s best expression.

citySTILLE space and concept for well-being was founded May 2015 by Nicoleta Pfeffer-Barbela. It has been created out of strong vision that we can rebalance and recharge ourselves also in the middle of the city. The nature plays an important role in our well-being. A reconnection with ourselves surrounded by nature elements caring the primordial information of stillness, works great! citySTILLE and its forward thinking concept has been 2016 part of the exhibition Die Zukunft des Stadt of Technical Museum Vienna and has often gained interest in the MEDIA. Read the latest COVER ARTICLE HERE.

As of September 2019, citySTILLE’s #1stcreated STILLNESS SPACE has become the house of Alkemy which will continue to spreading ‚food for soul‘ with its  wonderful yoga offerings!
Nicoleta’s work and perspective on deep and transformative well-being is being shared at different workplaces and spaces in Vienna and abroad (see calendar), events and shared praxis. **Consciousness is expanding itself**





  • Keep it minimalistic, clutter free and tidy
  • Bring nature inside! Surround yourself by natural fabrics and plants
  • Make it comfortable, warm and cosy – so that your brain learns that it’s enjoyable to sit there
  • Fragrance, light and candles and music – your choice. They have their own purpose, if you can resonate with any – fine, if not – fine too! Personalise it for you to feel good, safe and „embraced“.
  • Mood setting. Remember, your inner energy will create the place. Let your soul expand, read, understand its needs.