The world needs happy and balanced individuals. According to Harvard studies, „a wandering mind is an unhappy mind“ & the human mind wanders 47 % of awaken time (Killingsworth & Gilbert). When we train our mind to be present, to witness our thoughts, emotions and whatever we experience – the result is an increased state of well-being and happiness. „Well-being is a skill“ says neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson from Center for Healthy Minds. Learn how to access your innate resources for a sustainable well-being! Where does the balance come from?



ReBALANCE program helps with establishing your personal mindfulness and meditation practice, so that you can reconnect with your fully balanced inner depth. The program consists of formal and informal mindfulness and heartfulness meditation practices along the four sessions, each personalized with passion for your needs.


You become aware of your main patterns of thought and emotion by becoming an agile observer of your „being mode“ Before changing anything you have to „know yourself“, to have clarity about your goals and develop a meditation-reflection practice. Mindfulness principles based in neuroscience. Session 1.


You start to make the necessary mindshifts by acknowledging the existent patterns of thought, triggers, automatic reactions. Slowly, starting to mindfully answer rather then reacting, practice patience and kindness with whatever is, moment by moment. The well-being seed has been planted! Session 2.


Compassion and gratitude practices open you up to a new level of understanding and dealing with emotions and feelings. The first step toward making your home, your work or this world a kinder place is to start being kinder to yourself, no matter what. Tapping into your amazing heart level! Session 3.


Welcome to the new old you! In order for the NEW to fully establish, you must let go of some old patterns. This will push you towards trusting the unknown, trusting life how it naturally unfolds through your new resonances. Making sure your well-being toolbox to go is complete! Session 4.

ReBALANCE Program helps you discover your OWN POTENTIAL to be well and to overcome challenges. You will learn that YOUR peace, calm, love and equanimity oasis is within. Accessing this INNER SPACE, you become aware of the immense resources that are always there for you – beyond changeable thoughts, overwhelming emotions or other external conditions.

uniquely personalised for you with love, compassion and respect for your path.

1. ReBALANCE NOW SESSION – One Practical Session,  Individual / 60 minutes / Independent Session* – 129 Euro, incl. 20 % VAT (also available online, via Zoom)

2. ReBALANCE PROGRAM – Four Training Sessions, Individual/ 90 minutes / 4 Weeks Program* – 515 Euro, incl. 20 % VAT

3. ReBALANCE PROGRAM FOR TWO– Four Training Sessions / 90 minutes / 4 Weeks Program* – 750 Euro, incl. 20 % VAT

*The four program appointments will be scheduled once per week, at flexible timeframes. Prices include scripts, training materials and other relevant tools. The option „For Two“ is open to couples, friends or family members.
ReBALANCE NOW session and programs are available in Vienna (other locations to be discussed) and online via zoom or other communication platforms. Call +43 664 766 7070 for more info or send me an email. BIO



What our customers say about the ReBALANCE Program

  • Nicoleta was wonderful to work with. She was welcoming, knowledgeable and very organized. The meditation sessions that I took at the studio were closely adjusted to my personal goals for the program. I highly recommend ReBALANCE and citySTILLE to anyone who is looking to begin a meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and well-being journey. 

    Amanda C.Economist
  • I have found the ReBALANCE Program complete and very positive for my life. Not only because I have learned new concepts, new approaches but also because I have learned a healthier way to treat myself and my thoughts. The most important effect of the program is that I have changed the way I relate to myself, I have learned to treat me and my thoughts in a kind way and I am now more focused and connected with my emotions. I would like to add that from the first moment I felt very comfortable with Nicoleta, she inspired me peace, acceptance and respect. 

    Iciar V.Mental Health Professional
  • The ReBALANCE program helped me to connect to myself through my breath and become aware of my emotion and thought processes. It helped me to balance work life and find a way to balance myself in difficult moments. I am able to use the techniques myself at home and at work. I am able to be more kind to myself and change the perspective of blame with loving kindness. It was  like designed for my needs.

  • ReBALANCE Program is an accessible and effective introduction to starting your own mindfulness practice. The pace was perfect for me and the background reading relevant and well-judged. I enjoyed working with Nicoleta and found her guidance insightful and the personal chemistry very good.

    Stuart M.General Manager Pharma