MMIntro – Mindfulness and Meditation Introductory Course is specially and heartfully designed for those who are new or have little mindfulness and meditation experience. Its step-by-step structure creates the opportunity and motivation to start your own meditation and mindfulness practice on solid basis of brain science, accompanied by all necessary beginner and intermediate tools to cultivate presence, deal with overwhelming thoughts and learn and cultivate focus and clarity out of everyday hustle and bustle. A signature course by citySTILLE for a deep and sustainable sense of well-being in complex times.

Answering questions like „What happens when I meditate?”, “Why does meditation help reduce the impact of negative thoughts?”, “Why should I become aware of judgments I make?”, „Who meditates?“, makes easier the understanding of different underlying mechanisms of mindfulness and easies its integration in a wide range of contexts. A transformative mindshift!

SESSION 1:  – Introduction to Mindfulness. Attention in the Present Moment
SESSION 2:  – Automaticity. Learning to respond rather than react
SESSION 3:  – Judgments and our perception. Expanding vs. limiting reality
SESSION 4:  – Acceptance. „You cannot change the ways but you can learn to surf“
SESSION 5:  – Focusing the mind into Presence, with Kindness
SESSION 6:  – Compassion. Re-wiring for care and self-compassion vs. self-criticism
SESSION 7:  – The Mindfulness of Emotions. Heartfulness everywhere
SESSION 8:  – Letting go and holding space for new to come. Gratitude. A very practical session!
SESSION 9: – RETREAT DAY – Integration  – A Transformative Retreat Day!
Pricing of 480 EURO/Person includes :
– Course Instruction 8 x 2,5 Hours – interactive & experiential
– Course Handout
– Audio and other relevant Materials
– Retreat Day, inclusive light refreshments for lunch

We enjoy having time and space with you so this course can welcomes minimum 8 and maximum 20 participants, in-HOUSE or at an external location. A signature course by citySTILLE, with passion for your well-being. For any questions, get in touch: +43 664 766 7070 or email us.

Facilitator: Nicoleta Pfeffer-Barbela, MSc  – Cert. Meditation Trainer I Mindfulness Speaker I citySTILLE Founder
Nicoleta the inspiring founder of citySTILLE – Mindfulness Center Vienna, a concept and a place that aims to increase well-being within the city landscape. After an extensive experience in implementation of development projects with focus on microfinance & social banking in an organizational field, Nico followed her passion and early interest for contemplative practices and created 2015 citySTILLE Mindfulness and Meditation Center with a deep interest in a lasting welfare, happiness and mindful, authentic connections between everyone sharing this city SPACE and more. As a certified meditation instructor she focuses on individual mindfulness training and has continuously deepen her learning and experiencing in this wide, inner, deep experiential field. A scientific approach of each practice is very important to her for a successful and further wide implementation in individual, group, organizational or leadership levels. In her pursuit for ‚creating space, inspiring change‘ and increasing well-being, she uniquely combines her skills and experience as an inspiring speaker, trainer in individual or leadership context.

We deliver this course at your work for team/s of min. 8 – max. 20 participants.