Meditation and Mindfulness

Work – City Life Balance

Nowadays stress and its many related symptoms is affecting our life standard and work performance.

Overtiredness and chronical stress may lead to poor concentration, negative emotional reactions and depressed moods.

Meditation & Mindfulness Creates Space

The mind is our most important resource. Meditation is a training method for our mind.

When we meditate and practice mindfulness, we clear away the information overload that contributes to our stress.

We create space in our mind and in our day by “breathing” the present moment and connecting to ourselves.

A clear and calm mind has a better potential for new ideas, for better decisions, for greater focus on what we do, for more creativity and for being happy in the present moment.

Further into Mindfulness



Whether a company employs 10 people or 25,000, it can reap huge benefits from providing mindfulness to its workers as part of their employee development program.

For managers, a clear mind will express clear thoughts and good decisions. As well, effective communication between managers and employees is crucial to the smooth running of any business operation.

Further to our Corporate Mindfulness Programs



As we can train your body to be more flexible, neuroscience has shown that we can train our mind to be more focused, creative, clear and compassionate.


citySTILLE – Mindfulness Center Vienna

Our Studio

“I treasure nature and simplicity.”

The location for our citySTILLE space is amongst the urban landscape, surrounded by office buildings, where the daily pressures of work and life intersect.

citySTILLE makes use of natural materials in shaping and decorating the space. Wool for the isolation, massive wood, molton curtains, which is a textile with acoustic and noise cancelling properties, organic paint, natural stones, ceramic lamps, jute, birch tree trunks, trees and plants.

Cork is a present element at our place though the cork floors, cork furniture, decoration, isolation or just for a practical use. The cork material is obtained from the bark tissue of the cork oak – it is composed out of very fine wall cells and contains Cellulose and Sauberin. Cork isolates the noise and the warmth; it is water repellent and has fire retardant properties.

The smell of nature is also present through lots of Swiss pine wood shavings with kapok, herb pillows and the careful selection and use of pure essential oils.


At our citySTILLE space, we are happy to host your event, course or workshop on: meditation and mindfulness, coaching, yoga, nutrition, music therapy and other stress and burn-out prevention therapies. In English or German.