We run Mindfulness Retreats at work for different departments or management teams, in-House or at peaceful, external locations.  



“Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present.” Allan Watts

Join us for listening and experiencing present moment glimpses!
Mainly in a doing mode, always pursuing for faster or better, often chasing to catching our breath… At the intersection between work and private commitments we are pushing ourselves experience our limits. We constantly find ourselves ON – on continuous connectivity, on multitasking demands, email or instant messaging. As a result, we may find difficulty in SWITCHING OFF the doing mode. This constant external focus has impact on our well-being, concentration ability, work, relationships or the physical body.

What about spending one day / half day just with your INNER WORLD – without mobile phone, email and social platforms use but, SENSING, FEELING, NOURISHING & BEING PRESENT. The Re-Balance Retreats are based on the four pillars of the our ReBALANCE Program. Read more…


ART OF BEING – Mindfulness & Art 

 Retreats Description

What chains of questions and curiosities have woven themselves throughout your life and ignited wonder in you from childhood to now? Opening to our senses through meditation, our natural curiosity and wonder arises. Exploring the questions that captivate our curiosity and wonder brings insight into what makes us come alive as a unique human being in the world. In this program, we will use the art of map-making to chart these curiosities and see where they lead us. We will explore the archetype of the hero’s journey and, using our map of curiosities as a guide, envision a journey (real or mythical) that will take us closer to becoming our true authentic self.

What is Art of Being?  Read more…

Perhaps you have never picked up a paintbrush, or maybe you have been making art your whole life.  No matter where you are, we will all start at square one with a “beginner’s mind.” Whether for a first take, or a fresh take, we will journey through the creative process together, in a supportive community of fellow travelers. We will find that artistic expression is a vital way to make meaning of our unique experience in the world, a process of becoming more fully ourselves. It is a creative capacity we all share, an inherent mark of our human heritage.  This workshop will introduce a variety of mindfulness practices you can take back into your daily life. They will be woven throughout the structure of our program, and will lead into art encounters designed to nurture and give wings to the artist within. The level of guidance or independence in these activities can be tailored to each individual’s needs or desires.