How It Works

At citySTILLE, our mindfulness & meditation sessions last 30-45 minutes. They take place in Raum der Stille, a nature-like setting easing your mind and relaxing the body.

Each session is a deliberate ‘disconnect’ from mobile devices, newspapers, books or other sources of information.

Sessions include a short introduction on breathing techniques, and the body’s correct positions during the meditation exercise. (EN/DE)

FOR GROUPS of min. four and max. eight persons at lunch-time, after-work or when in need of a mindful day-break.


sessions top image


Firstly, you are invited to settle into the comfortable living room and to mindfully enjoy the self-preparation and drinking of a hand made tea.

Hand Made Teas

This starts your guided journey for the purpose of “disconnecting” with simple things from the daily routine, like a tea drinking, while relaxing in our cozy living-room.

Cosy Living Room

You will travel with your mind firstly on the green fields where the herbs were harvested from, and delight your sense of smell with the help of the essential oils (ex. Lavender tea, lavender oil and the imagination of the lavender fields ). You will enjoy the warmth of the elegant tea cup and hear the birds trill…there is something for all your senses, so that the mind moves away from the city, office or the last email. A very special tea ceremony.

ginger lemon tea


Next, at your choice, you will deepen your mind relaxation with a guided meditation experience – sitting up in Raum der Stille or comfortably laying down in the Garden Gallery.


12 places  are available sitting up in the Birkenwald-Raum der Stille

 A soft mindful guidance on calming down your breathing, a body-scan exercise with a forest theme which will bring you to a state of absolute calm and deep recharge. The special setting of the room transports you to a world like a peaceful forest where you return from empowered, calm and focused. This is a Trainer Guided Exercise

citySTILLE Meditation Room


4 places are available with individual head-phones providing a soft easy to follow English or German voice, carefully selected for you.




Finally, if your time permits, enjoy another drink, a coloring book, ask a question and return to your day with a calm and peaceful state of mind.

For a mindful rest of the day.



“The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it. “

  Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life  





citySTILLE –  Achtsamkeits-/Mindfulness STUDIO ist ein Ort, an dem Sie herzliche, engagierte und qualifizierte Lehrer finden, die sich auf Moderne Meditation, Stressbewältigung und Entspannung spezialisiert haben. Sie bringen lange Erfahrung im Praktizieren und Lehren von achtsamkeitbasierten Methoden mit. In unseren schönen, naturnahe Räumen bieten wir Gruppen, Kurse und Einzelsitzungen an.



Please come 5-10 minutes earlier so that the flow of the sessions is working smoothly.

Please turn off your phone/computer, etc. while here.

While inside, we are mostly silently enjoying everything so that the other who want to meditate longer are not disturbed.

citySTILLE is a shoe free zone; you will find warm slippers by the entrance.

citySTILLE is an offline space, so Wi-Fi is not available.

For sitting up in Raum der Stille/Silent Room we have cushions 20 cm /15 cm height or comfortable chairs that hold your back perfectly straight. As well you can lay down (ex. guided meditations, body-scans) on a mat with a warm plaid and a Zirben-pillow.

For laying down, the Garden Gallery is also available with four comfortable lounges, cable-free state of the art headphones you can adjust the volume by yourself. As well, there are lavender/herbes eye pillows which we advise you to use for a even more relaxing journey (recommended for guided meditations using head phones).

Any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want you feel great and relaxed while here and would love to welcome you and your friends again.