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Mindfulness Session at YOUR OFFICE

30 minutes of calm, no time-pressure, enough space. For peace of mind, for your well-being30′ Trainer-Guided Mindfulness Session

A Mindfulness Session is a 30 minutes pause when your LEADERSHIP TEAM, A DEPARTMENT or ALL YOUR EMPLOYEES are invited to „DISCONNECT“ from the fast pace of the city, from their office and desks, from the mobile devices and the „restless thoughts“ and… to „CONNECT“ with their inner-self: with the peace of mind, with the calm breathing, with their body…with themselves (generally recommended to be scheduled around lunchtime if drop-in). 

We gently invite you to immerse into a healthy stillness.


30′ Mindful can be booked exclusively for a TEAM, for small and large GROUPS at your office or at a different location in two options: as a drop-in session open for all employees or tailored exclusively for a group or team.

„ In an age of a fast-paced life within the city landscape, nothing is more important and nurturing than sitting still, then being consciously aware of that deep, sacred and healing stillness within.  In that “STILLE”, we are warmheartedly connected with ourselves, with our families and friends, with the other members of an organization and with each other as city inhabitants: peacefully and compassionately present in our lives.” 

Regular 30′ drop-in @ your office (in-House), ab Eur 440,- (excl. MwSt.). For a tailored offer, kindly contact us.
Nicoleta Pfeffer-Barbela, MSc; info@citystille.com; +43 664 766 7070
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